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All things are full of signs, and it is a wise man who can learn about one thing from another. 
Plotinus, Roman philosopher.

"Programmed" means nothing more than the ability of quartz to accept the imprints of the mind in the same way that water crystal research in Japan and Austria has clearly demonstrated water accepts subtle impressions. This is the nature of quartz, it accepts, stores and transmits information. Native Americans understand quartz crystals to be the "braincells" of 
Grandmother Earth. One of the reasons for this is that their shaman perceived the link between the human mind and quartz crystals. Quartz naturally interacts with the human mind. 

Quartz is natural silicon, information technology is based on silicon because its properties facilitate the storage and transference of information. The doctrine of signature of the herbalists has far reaching implications.

A clear intention manifest through words or visualization (whichever you find easier), while holding the crystal is sufficient. Repeat this as many times as it takes for you to be convinced that you have clearly communicated your intention.

The biggest obstacle to success in this endeavour, is a firm belief that you or the crystal cannot "do it". This is not a matter of faith, but the disbelief in itself constitutes a "counter programme", like saying yes and shaking your head, it sends contrary signals. Even so, don't be discouraged, the inherent nature and energy of the crystal will have an effect, and as these or their benefits are experienced, the "counter programme" will gradually diminish.

At first, concentrate on the clarity of the intention and even if you are not convinced, you will soon see results.

The seven colours of the rainbow correspond exactly and in order with our chakra system. The same patterns can be seen in the ratios of music, geometry, nature and the proportions of the human body. They are the blueprints for the structure and nature of this world and have been the subject of investigation by mystics, yogis, seers and shaman since time immemorial.

This is not a matter of academics. As we begin to perceive the natural, intelligent patterns everywhere, which to the untrained eye appear as mere coincidence, higher intelligence is slowly established and the fears born of apparent chaos vanish.

"The Earth is rude, silent, 
incomprehensible at first,
nature is incomprehensible at first,
Be not discouraged, keep on,
there are divine things well envelop'd, 
I swear to you there are divine beings 
more beautiful than words can tell."
Walt Whitman (American Poet, 1819-1892)

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